Code of Conduct

We will conduct our business worldwide in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations where we comply with the highest and most stringent international and national standards.

  • GCA maintains honest, intensive business relationships with its customers and business partners.
  • GCA fosters honest and collaborative relationships with customers and business partners.
  • GCA places importance on business relationships based on trust, integrity, and mutual respect, which therefore result in a high level of transparency.
  • GCA communicates openly, transparently, and clearly, so as to strengthen its credibility with regard to business partners and customers, and to increase their trust.
  • GCA commits itself to transparent and open reporting and faces up to public policy concerns.
  • GCA maintains regular, correct, and strict reporting in compliance with defined reporting standards.
  • GCA addresses policy requirements on the basis of societal discussions.
  • GCA complies strictly with national laws and regulations, and with international agreements and treaties.

  • GCA tolerates no corruption, and rejects any type of behaviour whatsoever that is corrupt or which damages the organisation.

  • GCA recognises its responsibility to the shareholder, whose intents and aims it supports by means of the group’s business activities.
  • GCA is aware of its corporate responsibility, and orients itself with the stated strategic, personnel, and financial goals of the shareholder.
  • GCA offers all staff members the same opportunities.
  • GCA guarantees equality of opportunity for all stakeholders.
  • GCA supports an integrated culture and will not stand for any discrimination on the basis of age, ethnic origin, ideology, religion, skin colour, nationality, political or other convictions, gender, physical condition, civil status, or membership of employee representative bodies.
  • GCA expects all staff members to behave respectfully to each other, regardless of cultural differences or varying personal beliefs.
  • GCA undertakes to protect and treat confidentially the information entrusted by customers, business partners, staff members, or other stakeholders.