The Global Component Asia (GCA) personnel shall adhere to the rules and regulations contained in the Maintenance Organization Exposition (MOE) at all times, and shall be responsible for the proper execution of their duties that:


  • Are related to the safety of the aircraft and its occupants, and
  • Are specified in the instructions and procedures laid down in the MOE.


In the event of wilful or negligent disobedience to those rules and regulations the personnel concerned may become subject to disciplinary or legal action.

However, nothing contained in the MOE shall prevent personnel from exercising their own best judgment during any situation for which the MOE makes no provisions.

Each manual reader shall report discrepancies or errors discovered in this MOE to the QM who will forward the information to the competent authority.

The MOE is intended to give instruction, guidance and information to the GCA personnel and is considered as a “Life Document” under the permanent process of revisions for improvements