GCA is committed to further extending its market position. The basis for this is an outstanding reputation. Clear values and principles determine our daily thoughts and actions.​

The organisation promises describe our aspirations for dealings with all relevant stakeholders. These ascribe guidance for the organisation on its path into the future.

GCA’s values describe our identity and our character. They form the basis for our conduct today and in the future.

What does GCA do in order to anchor the values and code of conduct in the organisation, to demonstrate to staff members how important they are, and to support consistent compliance?

  • Open feedback process
  • Regular surveys of staff member and customer satisfaction, with special focus on topics relating to values and behaviours
  • Focus on values and behaviours in day-to-day management (setting an example)
  • Support for staff members during processes of development and change
  • Training of staff members with a focus on the anchoring of values
  • Transparent staff member assessment process with special focus on topics of behaviour


  • Compliance and behaviour in conformance with the GCA code of conduct are essential for the credibility and long-term financial success of the organisation.
  • GCA will be measured against the principles enshrined in the code of conduct. For this reason, the code should be complied with and lived on a daily basis by all staff members.
  • Otherwise, the credibility of the code and therefore of the whole group will be seriously placed in question.
  • The appropriateness and timeliness of the principles in the code of conduct are examined regularly, in order to ensure the conformance of GCA’s dealings.
  • GCA makes itself familiar with local laws and regulations in dealing with politics and officials and complies accordingly.
  • GCA wields no unfair influence on governments and authorities, and consistently acts according to the particular legal requirements.
  • GCA acts in all markets as a fair and responsible competitor.
  • GCA ensures that all staff members uncompromisingly comply with laws relating to competition and cartels.
  • GCA behaves fairly and with integrity when working together with suppliers, who are carefully and objectively chosen according to objective criteria.
  • GCA requires its staff members to avoid conflicts of interest.
  • GCA obliges its staff members to disregard personal interests in all business activities, and to separate them strictly from business interests.
  • GCA obliges its staff members to make unavoidable conflicts of interest transparent, and to behave ethically correctly at all times.