& The Group

Transformation of RUAG

RUAG Switzerland Ltd 1996 - 1999
RUAG SUISSE 1999 - 2001
RUAG Aerospace Defence Technology 2001 - 2004
RUAG 2004 - 2012
Together ahead. RUAG From 2012
RUAG MRO Switzerland, RUAG International & Aerospace Group From 2020
RUAG Aviation Malaysia (RAIM) to Global Component Asia Ownership under GSA From 14th June 2021


Strategically located at Malaysia International Aviation Centre at Subang Airport in Kuala Lumpur

Close proximity to major OEMs and MROs – Leonardo, Airbus Helicopter, Malindo, Execujet, BHICAS Sapura Aero, Airod and Hawker Pacific.


Immaculate facility at highest Aviation Quality Standards

MRO floor size – 4,800sqft (option for future expansion 2,400sqft)