Press Release



“Global Systémes Asia Pulls Off Strategic Masterstroke, Acquiring Swiss Powerhouse RUAG’s Operations In Malaysia”

Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) – June 15th, 2021: Global Systémes Asia Sdn Bhd (GSA) today announced one of the most strategic moves in Malaysian Aerospace Industry history by acquiring Swiss Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) giant RUAG International’s MRO operation in Malaysia. The move, which signifies the first for a Malaysian company within the MRO sector, further enhances the Nation’s agenda of becoming a regional and global hub for the industry.


The move comes hot-on-the-heels of RUAG’s global repivot and unbundling strategy, with Dato’ Nonee Ashirin Dato’ Mohd Radzi’s (Dato’ Nonee) GSA moving swiftly and under-the- radar to secure first-mover-advantage. The deal will significantly increase GSA’s MRO helicopter and aircraft capabilities and would also support another company chaired by Dato’ Nonee, Global Turbines Asia Sdn Bhd. The GSA-GTA and RUAG strong synergy now boasts an enhanced services portfolio adding components, fuselage, starter generator and electrical systems to GTA’s already successful MRO offering. This makes GSA the first Malaysian company to boast a complete MRO ecosystem portfolio that covers Military (GTA) and Civil (RUAG).


Global Systémes Asia Sdn Bhd’s Chairman, Dato’ Nonee said “The establishment of GTA-GSA collective business avenues will also create highly skilled jobs for the public, representing a significant benefit to the group, our customers, our shareholders, and stakeholders. This approach will provide new career pathways and opportunities amidst our industry transformation efforts. We need to forge more similar partnerships that benefit our partners and our people, who can learn and refine their skills over the long term.”


Felix Ammann, Head of the MRO International business unit RUAG International, is pleased with the move: “The transfer of the business to the locally anchored company GSA is an excellent solution for successfully continuing the current business activities and sustainably securing jobs for the future.”